A Wedding Approaches!

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Part of the reason I enjoy photography so much is because of the bevy of memories a photo can cue up in our minds when viewed years later. With memories come the emotions that color the events in our lives, and recalling those feelings is most often a wonderful experience.

This is undoubtedly why happy couples invariably hire photographers to document their wedding days, and precisely why wedding photography is so very important in those couples’ lives.

The same is true of the days leading to the wedding. I recently had the opportunity to do a small photo shoot for my friends’ Save the Date postcards. It was a great day filled with laughter, despite the approaching rain clouds, and I was able to capture a number of fantastic shots, including the one my friends Mike and Hillary ultimately decided on for their Save the Dates.

The couple felt that this shot of the two of them laying side by side in the grass was a perfect expression of their love and their desire to share a life together, and the happy bride-to-be requested that I process the photo with a nostalgic, antique look and add some text to make the photo a complete postcard image, ready for printing.

Here it is. Congrats Hillary & Michael!

Hillary and Michael's Save the Date